22 March 2010

Zero (Pawel Borowski, 2009, Poland)

Zero is a sort of network narrative investigating the underbelly of life in a large city in Poland. A lot of the characters are likable. Many of the scenes are charming or funny or shocking. Some of the situations are even quite compelling. I'm just not sure it fit together very well as a whole. I definitely checked the time a number of times when the movie seemed to be dragging or meandering toward nowhere. There's an executive who hires detectives to get a photo of his wife having an affair. A poor family who need money for their son's organ transplant. A pregnant pornstar and her deranged gangster boyfriend. A door to door puppet salesman struggling to make ends meet while harboring resentment for his son who committed a robbery a year ago. A creepy, kind-ish old man who says he's from a children's foundation. An old lady who needs sexual healing and the male prostitute who wants to marry his girlfriend. There are some great touches here. I like the way it begins and ends with the newspaper salesman on side of the busy road. I like that it's a dark movie with a glimmer of light. I can think of a lot of things I liked about this movie but I don't feel like it was fully realized as a whole film. And I can't forget how some of the parts were about as tedious as Disengagement, which I had just watched. C

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