01 March 2010

Top ten redux

I realized yesterday that 35 Shots of Rum never made it on the list of movies of 2009 I saw that I based my top ten list on. I'm such a pillowcase.

Almosts: Treeless Mountain / Still Walking / Baader Meinhof Complex / Julia
10. Avatar
9. 35 Shots of Rum
8. A Woman in Berlin
7. Hipsters
6. Gomorrah
5. Who's Afraid of the Wolf
4. Cherry Blossoms
3. Raging Sun, Raging Sky
2. Summer Hours
1. Strella

It's March and I still keep updating my 2009 list. I just watched The Cove last night and I plan to watch Ajami, A Prophet, and The Last Station this week.

I suppose I might call it a close on 2009 after this parody of an awards show on Sunday.

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