13 March 2010

No Impact Man (Laura Gabbert & Justin Schein, 2009)

No Impact Man is a documentary about a guy in Manhattan who decides he wants to write about book about him and his family spending a year trying to have zero impact on the environment. It was enjoyable but I'm glad I waited to see it on Netflix streaming instead of going to see it at the Music Box Theatre last year like I had planned to. The couple are quite likable. Their daughter is adorable. They're doing something admirable here but the movie isn't exactly bursting with surprises. I suppose it functions to show us that the way has been forged and it's all that much easier for us to be more responsible to the world. I think one of the most interesting things about it though is the way the media works in the movie. That's something that might make this movie worth watching again. There's also this old grizzled hippie who teaches the guy about farming and he has that annoying attitude where those 60s people think they had all the answers even though all they did was propel culture to its most self-absorbed extreme and hurtle the world toward destruction. Thanks, boomers! C

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