18 March 2010

Women in Trouble (Sebastian Gutierrez, 2009)

When I saw this movie last year at the Chicago International Film Festival, I mostly really liked it. I thought it was funny and delicious and I loved the cast of fabulous women. The main weakness, as far as I was concerned, was that it's final act was more or less dominated by a very weak and schmaltzy mother-daughter bit that threatened to sink the whole thing. I still feel that way. It's sort of funny but less funny than I remembered it. I really like most of the characters and I look forward to the sequel, even if all the critics are swilled to the gills with haterade. Pssss.

It's definitely one of those things you find yourself liking and don't know why. It's totally trash and I can't give any reason for it being funny that's half as compelling as all the reasons I've read it's not funny in the past several minutes. B+

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