12 March 2010

Ranking 2009's 2010 Best Foreign Film Oscar Submissions

Of the 65 films submitted for this year's Academy Award for best foreign film, these are the eighteen I've seen, in order of my preference.

1. France, A Prophet

2. Israel, Ajami

3. Korea, Mother

4. Germany, The White Ribbon

5. Peru, The Milk of Sorrow

6. Mexico, Backyard

7. Romania, Police adj.

8.Colombia, The Wind Journeys

9. Slovenia, Landscape No. 2

10. Estonia, December Heat

11. UK, Afghan Star

12. Denmark, Terribly Happy

13. Hungary, Chameleon

14. Bulgaria, The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner

15. Belgium, The Misfortunates

16. India, Harishchandrachi Factory

64. Greece, Slaves in Their Bonds

65. Argentina, The Secret in Their Eyes

I thought the top six were great, the next few were good, and the last two were horrible. I look forward to getting to see more of them as they become available.

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