12 March 2010

Sherlock Holmes (Guy Ritchie, 2009)

I finally got around to seeing this tonight, which is what I did instead of going to see that Romanian movie I had planned on seeing at the EU Film Festival at the Siskel Center. I used to really like Robert Downey Jr. but he's rather irritated me in recent years. It was refreshing to see him in another movie where I enjoyed him. I certainly enjoyed the movie more than I expected to, based on most of the word of mouth I had picked up on. I mean, it seemed like the prevailing wisdom when it was released was that it was terrible but it seems to me it's more successful than most big Hollywood movies of its kind. Jude Law was pretty decent in it as well and it's nice to see Kelly Reilly's still working. I've seen her in a number of things but never really caught her name or thought much about her though I liked her in those L'auberge espagnole movies. I finally know who Rachel McAdams is, I guess. That's one of those names I always read and never know who she is. She's pretty and such but she doesn't strike me as particularly interesting. The plot is ridiculous but entertainingly so. It was fun. I think it got a bad wrap. I agree that the score was pretty good and the production values were generally slick and fun and I'm giving this movie a C+/B-, I think.


  1. I vaguely recall someone mentioning a sequel to L'auberge Espangnole. Is that right? Any good?

  2. Russian Dolls. I liked it. I think if you like one, you'll like the other. They go chasing someone down in Moscow or something. It's a lark.