09 March 2010

16th "I hated The Hurt Locker" post. Reader in search of a writer.

I, or the Oscars, or I don't know what, finally got my boyfriend to watch The Hurt Locker. He stopped short of calling it terrible, which I attribute to his good-natured bearing. He responded that he was peeved that it was even nominated and lamented that this country is so fake.

Meanwhile I'm sitting at work scrolling through my Google Reader feed and wondering who all these Hurt Locker-adoring people are with these film blogs I've added mostly because they've been recommended by various persons of various legitimacy. (This is what I get for taking advice from people like Michael Phillips.) While many of these bloggers are much better than the majority of the critics working in newspapers and television, I'm just kind of annoyed that the most interesting thing I tend to read in a day relates to some idiotic Armond White situation. In case you don't know, Armond White is the film critic at the New York Press. Imagine a well-educated provocateur with delusions of grandeur à la Camille Paglia but imagine all the wit and intelligence were surgically removed and replaced with a persecution complex and you'd basically end up with the inane ramblings of Armond White.

I'm really having trouble finding good film writing online. Most things I've found are so offensively middlebrow, though often well-written. Most of what I've found that isn't middlebrow is worse; it's academic gobbledygook à la Zizek except for much worse. I'm desperate for intelligent film writing that possesses grace and perspective. There must be something out there. Help?

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