29 March 2010

Whiskey with Vodka / Whisky mit Wodka (Andreas Dresen, 2009, Germany)

Movies about movie shoots don't usually work out so well, in my opinion. This is a sort of German comedy about an alcoholic actor who seems to have a reputation akin to the Laurence Olivier of Germany or something. He's making a movie, which is said to be a great artistic film though it looks like it would be a terrible film and not particularly artistic but who can say? The last film he was on was never finished and the producer is worried the same kind of behavior from the leading man will sink this production as well so he comes up with the idea of hiring a second actor to shoot all the scenes in case the drunk mucks everything up. The idea seems to be that it might encourage the drunk to straighten out and get the job done. It's really not very interesting, except for Corinna Harfouch as the leading lady in the film. She apparently played Frau Goebbels in Der Untergang (Downfall) so that's probably why she seemed familiar to me although she also seems to have been in this crime caper I saw once about old ladies robbing a bank or something called Jetzt oder nie--Zeit is Geld. I liked her a lot, though she didn't have much to do and was kind of wasted here. I'd like to see her in something else. I wish we could get Tatort in America. Every time I watch a mediocre German movie, I just get wistful for the things I enjoyed on German television. Oh, Evelyn Hamman, how I miss you! C

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