06 March 2010

Film Independent Phooey

So the Spirit Awards are over. The winners are listed here. What a snooze that all is! I think it's nostalgia that makes me so irritated; when I was in college we'd act like the Spirit Awards were the Super Bowl or something. Of course, it all went downhill after they got rid of John Waters and starting changing their name or whatever. How do I take a film award seriously that nominates The Last Station and (500) Days of Summer for best feature and gives the award to Precious over Amreeka and doesn't even nominate Two Lovers in that category. Anvil! for best documentary??? Also, I really kind of liked Humpday but I think it's really disgusting that it beat out Treeless Mountain to get an award. Speaking of Treeless Mountain, it was totally robbed for best cinematography, with all due respect to A Serious Man. I also liked An Education but there's no way in hell it was better than the other nominees in the foreign film category. I mean, I've *seen* Mother and it's certainly not better than that. Maybe I'm just racist against white people. Like Woody Harrelson who deserved supporting actor awards for No Country for Old Men but not for a puke bucket like The Messenger. It's hard to say if I agree with any of the winners because I don't even think the nominations are legitimate. Oh well. FAIL.

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