09 March 2010

Beavers: IMAX (1998) / Muppets from Space (1999) / Jetsons: The Movie (1990)

My roommate and I watched this half-hour documentary about beavers on the projector tonight. I was sort of cynical and skeptical but it's really enchanting and fascinating and sort of wondrous. Granted I never watch these nature things so maybe it's old hat but I liked it. B+

My roommate put on Muppets from Space next. The Muppets and I were never really on the same wavelength. I'm having trouble focusing on this because now my roommate has put on Jetsons: The Movie and it's bending my mind with its awfulness. C-

The Flintstones is updated and blended with Avatar, Up in the Air, and a puke bucket. Tiffany is like a shooting star in a shit storm. The little Crayola-Care Bear-Ewok things in the asteroid are cute, too. D


  1. I always loved ol' Rosie. There's this great episode where they dig her mother (I think) out of an old junk yard. So nice.

    And OMFG that picture of the beaver, there, is so cute.

  2. That beaver movie is crawling with cute. They have beavers dancing together. Hanging out in the beaver den with the kids. It should have made me puke but I lapped it all up.

  3. and watching it on the projector was kind of like an IMAX screen, no?

  4. Well the projector goes to about five or six feet, I think, compared to a 60 foot IMAX screen but I'm not sure I need to see a beaver the size of a whale or whatever the promo at the front of IMAX movies tells you the screen is as big as...