21 March 2010

A Farewell to Hemingway / Edinstvenata lyubovna istoriya, koyato Hemingway ne opisa (Svetoslav Ovcharov, 2008, Bulgaria)

This movie dramatizes a fictional episode involving a young Ernest Hemingway in 1922. He's kicked off a train to Sofia, Bulgaria either for being sick or being belligerent. He's working as a war correspondent for some Toronto newspaper. He spends the night in this little station with the stationmaster and his daughter, who has studied English. The girl falls for him and they get along well and she really sees him as an escape from her dull life. The girl wants to run away to Paris with him so the father drugs them both and puts Hemingway on a freight train in the morning, leaving behind only his silver cross with a tag including his name. It's really lovely and there's actually a fair amount of texture to it. It sounds like I gave away the whole story but that's all in the description you'll read of the movie for every film fest screening it seems to have played at. I knew it all going in but the movie didn't seem to depend on that sort of thing. It was more how it all unfolded. I was really tired when I saw it. I want to watch it again. B+
I can't find any pictures of the sexy Hemingway guy. :(

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