25 February 2010

Top Ten of 2009

I think I made a vague list of 30 or so of my favorite films of the year already but I never really committed to a Top 10. I don't think I've ever done that as a matter of fact. The staff at Facets posted their Top 10 lists today though and that was interesting enough so I thought I'd give it whirl. The trouble with my list this year is that it seems like I liked a lot of movies nobody else saw...

I'm cheating and making number ten a 4-way tie:
10. Treeless Mountain / Still Walking / Baader Meinhof Complex / Julia
9. Avatar
8. A Woman in Berlin
7. Hipsters
6. Gomorrah
5. Who's Afraid of the Wolf
4. Cherry Blossoms
3. Raging Sun, Raging Sky
2. Summer Hours
1. Strella

As far as I know, Hipsters (Stilyagi), Who's Afraid of the Wolf, and Strella (A Woman's Way) aren't available on DVD in the US and have no scheduled release dates.
Raging Sun, Raging Sky comes out on DVD on June 22.
Other than that, I think pretty much everything other than Avatar is available on DVD (and in most cases for instant viewing on Netflix).

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