17 February 2010

My One Star Movies

These are the movies I rated one star on Netflix. Some might actually be two star movies but I'm not sure. I'm not very consistent, I guess. Also, some of these I loathed and others of these I sort of perversely enjoyed.

'Til There Was You, 28 Days, Ace Ventura I & II, Anchorman, Another Gay Movie, Armed and Dangerous, Back to School, Billy Madison, Bio-Dome, Blindness, The Bodyguard, Borat, Bringing Down the House, The Butterfly Effect, Caddyshack, Cadillac Man, The Cassandra Crossing, The Cheetah Girls, Circuit, Cocktail, Coneheads, Corky Romano, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Da Ali G Show, Dangerous Game, Daredevil, Deuce Bigelow, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat, Dukes of Hazzard, Dumb and Dumberer, Eating Out 3, anything with Eddie Izzard, Encino Man, Ernest Scared Stupid, Family Guy, Fast and the Furious, Flubber, Frequency, Hamlet 2, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Haunted Mansion, Home Alone 2, Hot Shots Part Deux, The Hottie and the Nottie, The Hurt Locker, The Invasion, Iron Man, Jack, Jackass, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Just One of the Girls, King Ralph, Kiss Me Guido, Larry the Cable Guy, Last Samurai, Lewis Black Red White and Screwed, Look Who's Talking Now, Look Who's Talking Too, Man of the Year 1995, Man of the Year 2006, Meet the Fockers, Men in Black, Men in Black II, Metrosexuality, Michael, Michael Moore Hates America, The Mighty Ducks, Monster in Law, Mr Deeds, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, The Naked Gun, The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult, National Lampoon's Animal House, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, The Next Best Thing, A Night at the Opera (1935), Nuns on the Run, The Nutty Professor (1996), Patch Adams, Pay It Forward, Phenomenon, Prime, Reign of Fire, Rent, Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise, The Road, Rock of Love: Season 1, Saving Private Ryan, Scary Movie, The School of Rock, Scrooged, Secret Window, Serendipity, Sin City, A Single Man, Slacker, Spaceballs, Species, Speechless, The Stepford Wives (2004), Sweet Home Alabama, Swept Away, Taking Care of Business, Things We Lost in the Fire, Three Men and a Baby, Trapped in the Closet: Chapters 1-12 R. Kelly: Trapped in the Closet, Tropic Thunder, Valkyrie, Very Bad Things, Virgin Machine/Die Jungfrauenmaschine, Wagons East, Wedding Crashers, Weekend at Bernie's, Welcome to Mooseport, Wild Wild West, Wonder Showzen: Season 1

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