21 February 2010

Good Hair (2009)

I don't know how widely released this movie was. It played for a seemingly long time here in Chicago and it seemed to be recommended by all the movie recommenders. It's a documentary starring Chris Rock that looks into the mad world of black women and hair. Parts of the movie are really strong. Other parts not so much. For a part of the movie it seemed pretty good but then it either lost focus or they didn't have enough ambition or I don't know what. It reminded me of this documentary I saw once about women in Kenya and Tanzania, their relationship with skin tone, the dangerous chemicals they use to lighten their skin. And so forth. It was really eye-opening because I knew it was the same concept but I never really put the pieces together like that. I don't think Good Hair was as serious-minded as all that. It's playful and it challenges our ideas but it doesn't want to push too far. It was good but maybe a little lacking somehow. C+

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