25 February 2010

The September Issue / The Informant!

I really enjoyed The September Issue even if my boyfriend zoned out and relocated himself in front of the computer for a large portion of it. It's sort of about the making of the big September issue of Vogue magazine, as if you didn't know. On the one hand, I might have liked to see a little more detail into the actual process and nuts and bolts of it all. On the other hand, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, and Andre Leon Talley are so fascinating, you kind of just want to keep watching them. The critics were right; Grace Coddington is the heart of the movie. I think I'd have enjoyed it and forgotten it if it weren't for what she brings to the movie. I really enjoyed it but it might have been the wine and such. I'll have to rent it again some time. I angle to check out the deleted scenes anyway. B

The Informant! is the Steven Soderbergh movie with Matt Damon as that guy from that ADM scandal you may have heard about, price-fixing food additives and so forth. It was more interesting and entertaining to hear the piece on NPR about it. It was all right. It's nice to see Melanie Lynskey getting some work this year. C

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