26 February 2009

Still Life (2006)

I watched this at work today. I may have to watch it again because I kept having to pause it because it got busy despite the deluge outside. It's a Chinese movie about a man looking for his wife who left him sixteen years ago and it's about a woman whose husband abandoned her two years ago. And they're doing this searching in the city of Fengjie, which is in this process of being flooded by the Three Gorges Dam. It's visually striking and it's moving in this sort of spare way which ended up creating a rather haunting effect. I really liked it. I seem to be more and more interested in Asia and Africa every day. What had I been afraid of? A-

EDIT- The short and sweet of this movie, now that I've had more time to let it marinate, is that it's an unusually gorgeous film that beautifully and understatedly tells a lovely story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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