26 February 2009

2008. Top Ten Films.

I can't entirely be sure but this might be my final list of the top ten films of 2008.
It wasn't a bad year in movies. It was just a good year for movies that were pretty good but not quite great.
I mean, I still have quite a list of movies to see yet from 2008. And it's so hard to decide what should be classified as 2008 anyway since release dates and production dates and Oscar eligibility can all be very conflicted and a lot of movies with 2008 release dates won't make it to the real world (Not even my beloved Music Box Theatre in Chicago!) until well into 2009.
In any event here are several movies I really liked:

Frozen River
Rachel Getting Married
Let the Right One In
Mister Lonely
Boy A
Tell No One
Up the Yangtze
The Counterfeiters

Close calls: The Reader, Yella, Waltz with Bashir, Slumdog Millionaire, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Revolutionary Road, Flow, The Visitor

I don't watch enough comedies. Do they make good comedies anymore?

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