28 February 2009


I was just looking at more stuff on metacritic.com and decided that stratifying film critics to suit my own needs would be more valid if it were undertaken in a more longitudinal fashion so I'm looking at the top 10 lists from 2007 now. JR Jones, who fared the best on my seven circles of hell for this year's lists, placed one very bad movie at number ten (Things We Lost in the Fire) and then a couple of mediocre movies appear higher on the list (My Kid Could Paint That, Reservation Road). Roger Ebert's list is unsurprisingly pukey. There's a lot of love on these lists for Across the Universe, which was so bad I couldn't even finish it.

The lists from 2007 seem more textured than this last year. I think it looks like 2007 was probably a better year in film. In any event. I guess I liked the big favorites of 2007 better than I liked those of 2008. Something strange is afoot.

I guess because these lists don't inspire the same wrath in me that those of 2008 did, I'm lacking the drive to follow through and do this.

Looking at the lists though, some of the movies that give me pause are: Superbad, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Eastern Promises, Grindhouse, Starting Out in the Evening, Breach, The Assassination of Jesse James, Dan in Real Life, Beowulf, Knocked Up, The Great Debaters, La vie en rose, Hairspray, Interview... ... ... ...

I guess they were lapping up plenty of lousy and mediocre movies last year, there was just less consensus on which lousy movies they were going to latch onto to reach out to the little people.

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