22 February 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie is worse than I thought it would be.
Apparently the screenwriter wrote this screenplay BEFORE writing Forrest Gump, which explains why it's even worse than that. The whole thing seems amateurish. Like a bunch of kids playing make-believe.
I'm not surprised that neither the director nor the writer read the seven page story before adapting the premise (said the director).
It almost seems like a rough draft for Forrest Gump. Which is sad.

Two hours and twenty minutes into this movie there is no redeeming quality that I have discovered.
It's poorly written and manipulative and plays like a parody of itself. Like a spoof that nobody's laughing at.
I even think the acting is bad. Even that woman nominated for best supporting actress gives a kind of silly performance.
Even Cate Blanchett gives an unfortunate performance.

God, this writing is dreadful. There is no character development. The plot just goes from one manipulation to another, without any transition. F-

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