19 October 2012

Fuckload of Scotch Tape (Julian Grant, 2012, USA)

I saw this movie yesterday at the Chicago International Film Festival because it was local and because it was described as a neo-noir musical. What it actually is is a nihilistic trainwreck which is so overloaded with bad voiceover that the excessive misogyny and homophobia in the film is almost moot. It seems to fit in with that whole genre of white male resentment films, which I confess to never having felt particularly sympathetic toward. Anyway, the music was okay, but repetitive. The lead actor was appealing in it. He made a loathesome character seem almost sympathetic. I think I saw him on the train the next night. He looked like a skinhead, but who knows. Anyway, I'm glad that Mr. Grant has gotten his film to premiere at this film festival, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone I know. F+

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