20 October 2012

Consuming Spirits (Chris Sullivan, 2012, USA)

Of the films I've seen thus far at the festival, this one may have been the most satisfying to me. It's a mesmerizing, beautiful, hauntingly animated phantasmagoria. Other than its patchwork quilt of animations and motley characters, the film really has an amazing soundtrack. It's so easy to talk about what you don't like. I should probably have waited to post this as I'm still feeling pretty giddy about it.
It's funny, well into the movie, I kept wondering if it was going anywhere and then deciding it didn't matter at all. The film does go somewhere. I really connected with this film and the issues it explores, even if I'm not a drinker. If you maim something it will come home to you some day.
I hope you get a chance to see this film on the big screen.

ETA: I can't stop thinking about the film. It had such a marvelous soundtrack. Also, the version I saw seemed grainier than the trailer on Youtube and I think it looks better that way.

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