19 October 2012

Bad Seeds / Comme un homme (Safy Nebbou, 2012, Belgium/France/Luxembourg)

Two boys kidnap one of their teachers for some stupid reason and this attractive, engaging film gets bogged down in this men who hate women vein. At a certain point even I get tired of seeing women as objects in male psychodrama. Newsflash: women are actually human beings. Oh well. Charles Berling from Summer Hours is effective as the father and in general the film is a gripping, attractively produced film that manages to be a much different film from what the basic premise would lead you to expect. I like film festival movies because they're good at taking a premise and delivering something different from what you'd expect. Unfortunately, part of that seems to be a trend in having the audience identify with characters who commit monstrous acts, which is probably unfortunate from a sociological perspective.

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