09 January 2010

Where the Wild Things Are (Spike Jonze, 2009)

It was okay. Kind of blah. Too violent for children, it seems geared toward adults with unresolved childhood issues of the playground/broken home varieties. I liked a lot about the visual style but didn't find the movie particularly engaging or insightful. I liked the Karen O music, too, but thought that the pattern of talky adventure interrupted by interludes of frolicking to quirky Karen O music was laid on too thick. I'd find myself thinking: Here we go again.

That's what I posted on Facebook when I got home from seeing the movie this morning. It's funny, ever since I saw that stupid Funny People movie I keep seeing that trope that was mocked in that movie, where the character in the fake Adam Sandler movie has to be a baby to learn how to be a man. I thought it was a nice change to have the boy need to be the mother to be a good boy or something. Much of the stuff seemed kind of shallow to me but I guess that's true to life. I mean, I look at the way people interact and maybe the movie is pretty right about that. I didn't identify with it though. C-

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