06 January 2010

Tyson (2008)

Everyone's been saying this movie was good even if you don't like boxing and it certainly is a fascinating movie. I kind of loved that it's all just Mike Tyson telling his own story from his own perspective. It's a wonder Don King and the woman who charged him with rape haven't sued over this movie, if they haven't. I was tired when I watched it. I guess it was a mostly passive experience. The only thing I really thought during the movie is that it would skip from one event to another event two to four years later and I wanted to know what happened in the interim time. I also wanted to know what Robin Givens had to say about it. That scene where she's sitting next to him and telling Barbara Walters how awful he is is something else. It's nice he doesn't hold a grudge though.

This doesn't really have to do with this movie but people always say that the parade of celebrities is one of the bad things about the movie The Hangover. I have to say, I thought it was one of that movie's few redeeming qualities and I actually kind of liked Mike Tyson in the movie even though the movie itself was pretty bad.

I could see myself watching this movie again just to examine more closely how it's put together.


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