13 December 2012

Post Vacation Update

I've been travelling the past few weeks in South America and the Caribbean. Somehow I thought I'd be so bored I'd spend the whole time watching movies on my computer. I'm happy to report the contrary, however, as I hardly watched anything at all. I watched Like Crazy while I was holed up with a case of la tourista in Colombia. On a flight from Medellin to Miami I watched Frankenweenie and half of The Bourne Legacy. That's about what I can remember. I guess I'll decide whether to post about those when I'm refreshed enough to put together sentences again. I have this feeling that I'm terribly behind in my holiday season film watching, but I think I'm still too exhausted to make it to the movies. As for my vacation, I'm already editing the rough bits out of my memory bank, but I can say with certainty that I loved Medellin, Colombia, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, even though I don't so much speak Spanish.

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