20 December 2012

Les Mis reviews and Tom Hooper

I keep seeing this mixed reviews about how people liked the acting and such in Les Miserables, but Tom Hooper's direction has all the delicacy of any exercise involving a sledgehammer. Tom Hooper? Heavy handed? You don't say. I guess they were all drunk when they saw the infernal The King's Speech. Oh well, darling, at least the singing is reportedly good. I wish John Cameron Mitchell or Sam Mendes or somebody had directed it, but only annoying hacks like Tom Hooper, Adam Shankman, and Rob Marshall get to direct anything like this. Maybe Baz Luhrman should have directed this one instead of ruining The Great Gatsby for a whole new generation. (Though Carey Mulligan seems enchanting in the trailer.) It would have been a mess, probably, but probably an enjoyable mess.

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