26 September 2012

Chicago Film Fest Slate: Trailers A-F

Trailers for the films showing at the Chicago International Film Festival. Click here for more information about the films. 

The ABCs of Death (various) x
after dark

After Lucia / Despues de Lucia (Mexico's submission to the Oscars)
main competition, cinema of the americas

Agon (Greece/Albania)
new directors

Alaskaland (USA) x
world cinema, black perspectives, reelwomen

Antiviral (USA) x
after dark

Any Day Now (USA)
OUTrageous, world cinema

Art of Conflict: Murals of Northern Ireland (USA)
docufest, reelwomen

As Goes Janesville (USA) x
docufest, city & state

Bad Seeds / Comme un homme (Luxembourg/Belgium)
main competition

The Believers (USA)
docufest, city & state, reelwomen

The Bella Vista / El bella vista (Uruguay/Germany)
docufest, OUTrageous, cinema of the americas, reelwomen

Benji (USA) x
docufest, city & state, black perspectives

Beyond the Hills / Dupa Dealuri (Romania's submission to the Oscars)
main competition

Black Pond (UK)
world cinema

Black's Game / Svartur A Leik (Iceland)
world cinema

Boys Are Us (Switzerland)
main competition, WORLD PREMIERE

Caesar Must Die / Cesare deve morire (Italy)
world cinema

A Caretaker's Tale / Vicevaerten (Denmark)
new directors, reelwomen

The Central Park Five (USA)
docufest, special presentation, reelwomen

Citadel (Ireland/UK) x
after dark

The Cleaner / El limpiador (Peru)
new directors, cinema of the americas

Clip / Klip (Serbia) x
new directors, reelwomen

Color of Sky / Akashathinte Niram (India)
world cinema

Coming of Age / Anfang 80 (Austria)
world cinema, reelwomen

Consuming Spirits (USA)
world cinema, city & state

Day of the Crows / Le jour des corneilles (France)
world cinema

The Delay / La demora (Uruguay/Mexico)
world cinema, cinema of the americas

DIAZ: Don't Clean Up This Blood (Italy/Romania)
world cinema

Don't Click (South Korea)
after dark

Dragon / Wu Xia (Hong Kong)
world cinema

Dreams for Sale / Yume Uru Futari (Japan)
world cinema, reelwomen

Drought / Cuates de Australia (Mexico)
docufest, cinema of the americas

The Drudgery Train / Kueki Ressha (Japan)
world cinema

Empire Builder (USA)
world cinema, city & state, reelwomen

Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me / Todo el mundo tiene a alguien menos yo (Mexico)
world cinema, cinema of the americas, OUTrageous

The Exam / A vizsga  (Hungary)
new directors

Fable / Fabula (Cuba)
world cinema, cinema of the americas

The Final Member (Canada)
-- http://vimeo.com/41888934

Flowerbuds / Poupata (Czech Republic)
new directors

F*ckload of Scotch Tape (USA)
world cinema, city & state

Full Circle / Fei yue lao ren yuan (China)
world cinema

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