28 November 2010

cricket cricket

I haven't updated this in forever. I went back to school this summer and I've had very little time for movies, let alone trying to keep a film journal.

The last movie I remember really liking was that old East German film Jakob, the Liar, which I justified watching since it was related to a class I'm taking.

A friend dragged me to the movies a couple of weeks ago to the new Woody Allen movie (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger). I thought it was all right but I was hoping for something fun like Scoop and it was just all right. Better than that one with Larry David though.

I also lived dangerously last weekend and caught the one of the last screenings of Margarethe von Trotta's Vision at the Music Box. I thought it was lovely and I liked the storytelling. I didn't really get the acting all the time though. As a German student, it was nice to hear some polished German.

I had sworn that I'd make another desperate move this weekend and see White Material but I didn't have the chance after all and here I am taking a break from my linguistics homework to think about what might have been ;)

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