16 May 2010

Can you believe it?

I feel like I haven't watched an entire movie in a month. Of course, I was on a road trip for two weeks and am about to move but this is completely blowing my mind. I think the only movie I've watched since my last review might have been This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated, which was interesting enough but which hardly blew my mind.

I'm supposed to go see Lourdes tonight. Let's cross our fingers.

EDIT- Upon further investigation I have discovered that I have watched a few other movies since the last one I reviewed here.

I revisited Deconstructing Harry, although I was super sleepy and didn't finish it.

I also watched most of The Happening with some of my boyfriend's friends while we were on vacation and it was beyond dreadful and possibly worth watching because of that.

I also watched Claire's Knee and I definitely liked quite a bit about it but I didn't get a chance to put my thoughts together about it (or review it) in time to say something about it before I went on vacation and now I've sent it back to Netflix...

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